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White House Policy – App Lesson

Description: This app lesson develops students’ historical thinking and analysis skills. Instructional Objective: Students will analyze a current event/policy being dealt with in U.S. government and report on this event/policy, connect it to a previous in U.S. history, demonstrate their understanding by creating an interactive video. Step 1: Students will use the Briefing Room section of The White House app to research ...

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Periodic Elements – App Lesson

Description: This app lesson develops students’ knowledge of elements in addition to atomic structures and levels. Instructional Objective: Students will choose a periodic element and study it BY constructing it at the atomic level, researching uses for the element and listing three facts about it, and then creating a detailed model of it. Step 1: Students will use the NOVA Elements app to select and ...

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Short Story Analysis – App Lesson

Description: This app lesson develops English Language Arts and Early Literacy students’ ability to identify story structure and analyze storytelling elements. Instructional Objective: Students will select and analyze a short story by completing a storyboard graphic organizer and by justifying if they did or did not enjoy the story. Step 1: Students will use the 301+ Short Stories app to select a story. ...

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Nutrition and Workout Creation – App Lesson

Description: This app lesson develops students’ workout and nutrition knowledge. Instructional Objective: Students will research nutrition and workout plans and exhibit their understanding by creating and demonstrating on video their student-generated nutrition and fitness plans. Step 1: Students will use EBSCOhost to research nutrition and exercise science articles with a partner to create a foundation on which to create their workout plan. Step ...

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Exercise Circuit – App Lesson

Description: This app lesson teaches students’ muscular and cardiovascular health. Instructional Objective: Students will complete a weekly circuit of exercise and nutrition apps and demonstrate their understanding of healthy eating and training by logging their progress in a workout/nutrition tracker. Step 1: Students will input their BMI information into the BMI Calculator to track their body mass index progress week to week. ...

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