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Social Studies

Where Am I? – App Lesson

Problem Statement: Where am I?   Students write a hypothesis.   Step 1: Students will use the MAPS.ME app to locate their community, state, nation, and continent on a map. This will help students become familiar with their surroundings. It is crucial for students to know where they live in location to other communities, cities, and states.   Step 2: ...

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Patriot Newspaper – App Lesson

Description: This app lesson will enrich student knowledge and understanding on importance events that molded the United States to what it is today. Instructional Objective: Students will be able to describe and identify key events and people that contributed to the beginning of the United States. Step 1: Students will analyze the events of the American Revolution on the American Revolution Interactive ...

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I Know My Rights – App Lesson

Description: This app lesson will develop social studies students’ understanding of their rights as an individual in the United States. Instructional Objective: Students will research their rights, memorize their rights, and then create quizzes to test their peers’ knowledge of individual rights. Step 1: Students will use the Google app to research their personal rights. Step 2: Students will use the Do I ...

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Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death – App Lesson

Instructional Objective: Students will develop a KWL chart, review the American Revolution, analyze the development of the branches of government, and then play an interactive game. Step 1: Students will create a KWL chart and write down the things that they already know about the American Revolution using the Drawing Desk app. Step 2: Students will open The Revolution: Interactive Guide app and ...

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Harriet Tubman & the Underground Railroad – App Lesson

Description: This app lesson will develop elementary students’ Underground Railroad understanding. Instructional Objective: Students will research the Underground Railroad and create a video demonstrating their understanding. Step 1: Students will research a specific stop on the Underground Railroad and listen to the narrated account of the stop’s significance using the Harriet Tubman Underground Railroad Byway Audio Tour app. Step 2: Students will ...

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