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Post-It Poll and Debate: Using Padlet to Show Changes in Opinion and Spur Discussion

Classroom debates require students to exercise their critical thinking skills, analyze different opinions, and logically present their arguments to their peers and teacher. Although writing persuasive essays necessitates logical, creative, and critical thinking, an oral defense of one’s opinion is an ever-evolving learning exercise. Oral debates do more for students than static prompt-response assignments. Teaching students to think on their ...

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App Ed Review Podcast #1

This podcast is for teachers who are interested in technology integration into their classroom and have a need for identifying great apps and web tools. We all know that there are too many “ed tech tools” out there in the world. App Ed Review and this podcast will help you identify these educational apps and save you personal time so ...

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Save the World – App Lesson

Description: This app lesson will develop science students’ knowledge of climate change and pollution. Instructional Objective: Students will first perform research and then develop fact-based presentations in response to arguments against global warming. Step 1: Students, using the Skeptical Science app, will pick an argument that is skeptical of global warming. Students will then read the “skeptic” argument, counterpoints to the arguments, primary source documents, statistics, ...

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