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Stitcher: Concordia Ed Tech Podcast: App Ed Review (Podcasted on 12/04/2014)

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Overview Maybe it’s only me, but I find myself getting slightly overwhelmed by the sheer number of apps out there.  I’m a tech coach and I am supposed to be the one finding and recommending apps to teachers but if I spent all my time trying to find the best phonics app or addition app I would go crazy.  Sites like App Ed Review make my life a lot easier.  There are other review sites out there but I find App Ed Review a really easy site to navigate and the structure they use for rating each app is easy to wrap your mind around.  At the top of the review they give the app a score on Instruction, Design and Engagement and then an overall rating out of 10 points.  These numbers come from a rubric they use to rate each of the apps.  Then they give you a summary of what the app does and some ideas for how you might use it in the classroom.  It’s a quick and easy site to use and navigate to find the awesome apps you are looking for. Concerns Not much for this one.  The only thing is that this is only a rating site for apps and sometimes I think teachers become a little app centric and forget all the amazing websites that are out there.  But that’s not really a problem with the site, just with becoming too narrowly focused. Sample Uses This is a teacher or parent use too exclusively.  If you want to keep up with new apps, find an app for a particular subject or idea or find out if an app your friend (or tech coach) suggested is actually good, you can check it out on this site. Do I plan to use it? Yup!  I already to when a teacher asks for an app to be added to the ipads. Commitment and Learning Curve LOW.  Easy to navigate, easy to read and each write up won’t take you more than a couple min to read. Best for ES MS or HS?   Anyone who is using an app driven device. Cost   Free! Website Link: https://appedreview.com/