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Editors’ Welcome

On behalf of The App Teacher’s editorial board, we are delighted to present our inaugural edition. The App Teacher is an open-access journal that features peer-reviewed articles dedicated to educational apps, the professionals who use them, and trends in mobile technologies that impact PreK-16 education. The journal will feature articles that chronicle the successes and challenges teacher-practitioners face in their classrooms, with their students, and throughout the field of education. Central to the App Teacher’s philosophy is teachers who are using the technologies to produce authentic learning experiences for students are truly at the forefront of education in the Digital Age, and this journal advocates for them by serving as a platform to share their experiences and knowledge. With that mission, The App Teacher welcomes classroom teachers, graduate students, professors, and other educational professionals to submit research articles, top-app lists, app narratives, and trend articles in mobile technology for review. (Readers can access information about these types of submissions by clicking here.)

For the inaugural edition, its focus is two fold: (1) To examine how educational apps are being used and studied in higher education, and (2) To hear from teacher-practitioners about their experiences using tablets and educational apps. In higher education, teacher educators are integrating mobile technologies into their coursework using innovative methods. This inaugural issue features two articles that capture some of this exciting work and present it in the form of research articles. The articles not only discuss specific educational apps, but they use methodologies from different schools of research that demonstrate the broad ways the phenomenon of educational apps can be studied. The second focus relates directly to teacher-practitioners and their experiences in the classroom. Topics such as how teachers have grown to use these emerging, mobile technologies in their classrooms and the impact these technologies have had on their instruction will be shared.

With this edition being the first volume of The App Teacher, the editorial board will continue accepting articles for review until October 2016 and will continue publishing new articles through December 2016. We close by cordially inviting you to join our enthusiastic community of technology-minded educators and to inspire teachers working with mobile technologies in the classroom. As editors, we are proud to welcome you to The App Teacher, and we look forward to your submissions.

– Alex Fegely and Todd Cherner