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Everything You Need to Know About Link Building

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Digital Marketing has been spreading in every sector of the business industry. The great ‘shark’ companies are now investing in good and reliable marketing departments, to increase their audience in the non-stopping globalization world. They understood that companies can’t live without a proper image on the Web.

This type of marketing has been improving the appearance and personality of each company online. Not only by using social media, but also by taking care of their personal website. That can be a difficult task for just one person, but if you want your business to prosper, you don’t have much of a choice.

Whether you’re new at the business or just now starting a brand, this article might be important to you. Link Building is nothing more than getting other websites to link back to yours. This is an important way to study your audience-traffic and increase your site’s authority in Google searches.

Google’s algorithms are constantly evolving and are serious complex creatures. So, link building is crucial if you intend the search engine to determine which sites rank for your site’s keywords. For that, you need to practice your SEO (Search Engine Optimization), in order to Google look at your site as a quality resource font of information.

Learn the Basics

The importance of using hyperlinks (or links) comes from the navigation process of other user’s to your website. But your website’s position in the rank depends on good SEO campaigns. The purpose is to acquire links from well respected and trustworthy websites to yours and from yours to others, providing Google with a natural enhanced-user experience.

Your website should be a unique, informed, and appealing resource that other potential platforms want to link to. The algorithm will do the rest. But for that, you will need to know what type of links should fit in your Website.

Organic Links

They’re probably the stronger and well-vindicated links to use in your SEO campaign. Once your website becomes a trustworthy source of established and informed material, thanks to the increased visibility rank, people will naturally start linking to your website.

Manual-Outreach Links

Manual outreach involves some serious digital marketing strategies. This comes from following and identifying editors, bloggers, and content marketers, that can provide beneficial links to a client’s website. In other words, build a good engagement and digital relationships that will improve the circulation of well-informed links, while reaching deals – that means, sometimes, buying backlinks, which you can do in this site.

How Much is a Link Worth?

The quality of the page that is sending the link is another fact to take into consideration.

You’ll need to do a search trend to understand where and on what website your link should worth more. More clicks, more visibility, more money. Search for websites that have some good user indication and are in the same niche as yours.

Building external links to your webpage is crucial. But you should also try to focus your SEO effort on optimizing internal links, which means linking from your own pages to your other owned websites or articles. These will undoubtedly boost your rank search data on Google algorithm’s engine, for free!

For that, ensure that the quality of the content is high and well informed, remember, quality before quantity. Then determine which anchor text to use and decide to which page it will point at. But we’ll get to that, because first you need to understand which pages can benefit your website.

New Platforms Are Important

By that, I mean platforms that are well placed in Google’s ranking that haven’t been linked to you before. It will be profitable for an SEO campaign to build strategies and relationships with new platforms to further link-building perspectives. A non used and fresh website can attract a higher volume of user’s traffic. An external platform can encourage links to look completely natural and organic. It’s an ongoing process. The link should be spread throughout their domain, landing on another page of the same domain as yours. This is definitely an effective method to increase your traffic and increase your domain authority.

High Authority Websites

This has to do with some trustworthy methods that Google uses to evaluate websites, using for example PageRank. For Google, sites like news content, .gov or .edu pages worth way more, and they are known as ‘seed pages’, which search engines have qualified their trust and authority. But the content can most of the time not be associated with these website pages, so you’ll probably lose your ability to get more ‘clicks’ on your hyperlink since it will lose its credibility.

How to Do Link Building

It all comes to knowing your ‘Keyword’ essentials. Your link should always be associated with a strong and creative ‘Keyword’ that will assume the process to another tab, where it will appear the content of your or another’s website. Call it an ‘anchor text’, that will tell the search engines that your link is worth following.

But for that take a closer look at these instructions.


The higher the better, since the search engines will assume that a site has more value when it appears on a top front page. The text should make a stand out in the content, and it usually comes underlining or in blue color.

Keep it in the main content of the text. ‘Sidebars’ are usually made for advertisement, spam, or unnatural links, so for that matter, Google will believe it’s less valuable.

Keywords should appear in the anchor text and should be creative enough to let a person know where she would link to. When users search for these types of words or ‘catch-phrases’, Google will know what relevant websites should appear first on the rank. That’s why you need your content domain to be at least a little relatable to the site you’ll anchor to. If not, it will be considered as spam, and you don’t want that, neither your client.

To sum up!

As you can see, link building isn’t such a headache as you would think. You just need to define a good digital marketing strategy, understand which audience you want to achieve, and start creating digital relationships with other relevant websites, while boosting your own through internal development and quality content.

Good link building can help you build your brand by the minute and establish good visibility and authority within your audience. But first, people need to know your content is useful, valuable, and share-worthy, and Google needs to approve that!

Start from scratch, build up your internal development, and then, when it’s well established, optimize the relationships with other companies and websites. Trust us, you’ll see your audience grow everyday!