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Kid-Friendly Apps for Your Little Ones

Everybody knows that the internet, all of its benefits notwithstanding, is full of some pretty R rated stuff. That fact alone has made a lot of parents worry about letting their children have a smartphone or tablet and giving them access to the entirety of the internet. However, children are also absolutely obsessed with these devices and it might just be a matter of time before they’re at an age where it is acceptable for them to have a device to putter around on, or maybe the incessant asking for one has finally gotten to you, no judgement here.

Fortunately, the adult parts of the digital world can be effectively roped off if you install the right apps on that device before you give control of it to your young one. This way, you won’t have to worry about what your child is accessing online and whether or not it’s appropriate. There’s a lot out there that children just simply aren’t equipped to process yet with their developing brains, so it’s essential that these apps be employed.

Which apps might I be talking about, exactly? I’ll fill you in:

YouTube Kids

Watching videos is a great pass time on any device. The sheer amount of videos out there that can help your child learn, laugh, and spend their time in an engaging yet development healthy manner is staggering. YouTube Kids is a perfect platform to allow them access to these videos that are appropriate for children without any unsavory ones sneaking in. Not only that, YouTube Kids is specifically designed to be easy for children to use, with big buttons that are easy to find & press so your child won’t be overwhelmed by the experience.


This next app is one that you should consider to be a giant protective sphere around the entire device that will allow you to set whatever parental controls you desire. Netsanity will allow you to block access to certain applications as well as other useful features like help you limit screen time. If you so choose, you can have it so that texts and calls from the outside world are completely blocked and with Netsanity installed, you’ll also be able to locate the device in moments should your child misplace it. As an all-around parental control app, Netsanity fits the bill perfectly.


An educational yet engaging experience, BrainPop delivers educational content right to your child’s device to help them develop skills that help them later in life, as well as foster an interest in things like math and science. Whether it is learning about the atmosphere on Mars or simple tricks to make math problems just a little easier to understand, BrainPop is an excellent way for your child to make use of their screen time in a constructive manner.

Despite the apprehension held by a lot of parents, a device with the right apps on it is actually an amazing experience for your child to develop and grow. The sheer amount of knowledge contained on the internet is perfect for the curious mind and your child might end up developing a lifelong passion thanks to the internet exposing it to them. Just make sure to only have the right apps, lest they be exposed to much less savory content.