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MeraCalculator: An online platform for mathematical calculations

MeraCalculator.com is one of the platforms offering calculators that can be very useful for mathematical terms but it is not limited to mathematics only.

Calculators are needed in every field either it is mathematics or some other fields like physics, chemistry, and even for solving real-life problems.

When we search for online calculators, there are hundreds of calculators included in the list but giving every tool a try cannot be possible.

Today, we are going to review Meracalculator.com for students. Let’s find out what type of tools it has and what are the pros and cons of using them.

Tools collection

It is pretty impressive that this website contains 300+ tools that are readily available at a single click.

These calculators are useful in the field of physics, mathematics, and we can say that some calculators can be used in fields other than education.

We have a point of view that calculators are only used in the educational sector or for calculation purposes but this website does have several other calculators which are listed below.

  • Math calculators
  • Fun calculators
  • Love calculators
  • Sports calculators
  • Chemistry calculators
  • Engineering terms calculator
  • Graphics calculator

But things are not over here, we have seen many more calculators that are almost covering every field either it is related to education or some other fields.

Pricing Plan

The reason I picked up this tool is, it is completely free of cost and readily available. Some people thought that free-of-cost tools are not that efficient.

But not in the case of MeraCalculator, after having personal experience, this can be considered as one of the most efficient and smart online calculators’ platforms.

As same as this platform, there are many more platforms that are free to use and can be considered as a smart choice.


The second thing that is considered as important is the user interface of a tool and we can say that this platform has a user-friendly interface.

As soon as we step into the website, we can see the list of various calculators and we can select any of them.

The good thing is, each tool takes just a couple of seconds to load and there is no other delay to use the calculator which is pretty impressive.

Additional Features

Having some additional features is attractive and it can easily make the audience permanent and we have seen some additional features present at this platform.

     1. Dark mode

People are comfortable using their devices by keeping them on dark mode but, what about the online calculators?

Keeping this thing in consideration, the developers of this website presented the option of dark mode for the comfort of their users.

     2. Search bar

As we mentioned above that there are hundred plus calculators available on this platform and finding a specific calculator can be difficult.

So, all we need to do is, just type the name of a calculator in the search bar and the results will be displayed in a couple of seconds.

Pros & Cons


  • 300+ tools available
  • Efficient collection of calculators
  • Accuracy and authenticity assured
  • User-friendly interface
  • Dark mode available


  • Sometimes takes time to load
  • Containing advertisements


Calculators are not only useful in solving mathematical problems but they can be very much needed and useful in some other subjects or fields.

As there are hundreds of platforms available on the internet that can be very useful and effective so, MeraCalculator.com is also one of them. It is not wrong to say that it offers calculators that can be used in every field.