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Parking Software Solutions: What Is This Technology About?

Over the last decade, the number of vehicles on the road has tremendously increased and is still on the rise. In fact, most American households own 2 or more cars because every member of the family needs a car to get around independently.

Moreover, people seem to be getting increasingly impatient along with the advancement oftechnology. Time is getting more and more important, and no one wants to waste a huge amount of time (and gas) just looking for a parking space to park their car. That’s why parking software solutions are now becoming a necessity in every establishment or event venue.

With parking software solutions, people can just take their car to the parking facility, get out of the car, and walk away. In about a minute, the car will be parked without having to drive it to the parking lot. How’s that for convenience?

What is this technology about?

If this is your first time to hear about parking software solutions, then the following can shed light.

1. It’s an easy way of maximizing parking spaces

Big buildings have the capacity to hold hundreds of people at the same time, and sometimes their parking space may not be enough to accommodate all their customer’s cars. This is one of the biggest problems in parking management. If your business’ parking space is not adequate, it is time to seek help from a parking software solutions company. They can create the best-fit parking design for your building so that all your employees’ and visitors’ cars are safely parked.

The solution is usually to go vertical. Vertical parking is just one of the many designs that can be developed by parking software solutions providers. If there’s no space on the ground, go up! This is usually done in open areas and can hold up to sixty vehicles in a space where a single level can only hold three. Cars are parked on top of another — they either rotate or are lifted up and down. Big buildings or larger facilities that have high-volume parking needs can also benefit from this since they have more vehicles to accommodate. Vertical parking can also be done inside a paid parking facility. Parking consultants provide the best recommendations on which design will work for any infrastructure. They will take care of the engineering, architecture, and technology involved in the design.

2. It offers parking payment solutions

Along with designing the best parking lot, a parking software solutions company can also take care of the payment system for paid parking services. Having a cashier at the entrance of a parking lot should be a thing of the past because there is already technology available where payment can be made using machines that are deployed in the parking facilities. This payment system can be created using software incorporated into any existing system of your company. It may even be available on mobile apps for added convenience to your customers. Automation in payments is safer than having actual attendants handling cash in the parking lot. Your parking employees can be productive in other ways, such as attending to customers’ needs and queries. 

3. It provides better safety and security

When large parking spaces are equipped with parking software, the infrastructure is usually filled with cameras and sensors to detect motion or monitor the activity in the area. This is to ensure that the cars are handled well and that no one is taking advantage of the driverless process. This is one way of protecting your business when a claim or complaint is received. You can always check your surveillance videos to see what actually happened. Plus, you are giving car owners that feeling of security and confidence that their beloved cars are in good hands whenever they are in your facility.

Moreover, in an automated parking facility, parking-related accidents are lessened and can even be completely eliminated. No more scratches on bumpers or pedestrian accidents. No more difficult reverse or parallel parking, and no more heated arguments among drivers. The automated system is perfectly efficient in parking cars without the involvement of drivers.

The Future in Parking Is Here

We are indeed entering the future right now. This technology was just a figment of our imagination back in the day and it was only seen in futuristic movies. Now, everything can be solved using modern technology and engineering, and it seems like there’s nothing impossible anymore — even when it comes to parking our cars. We no longer need to worry about where to park our cars and how to keep them safe while we are away doing important things. If you are a business owner, a parking software is your solution!