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Piano Marvel – Making Piano Fun

Image of hands playing a piano

The concrete benefits of playing music have been scientifically recognized for a very long time. The piano and keyboard, in particular, have been an unmatched outlet for those seeking artistic expression, a way to boost their imagination or simple joy. Recent years have only begun to provide more evidence of the benefits that come to light, associating the art of making music to a healthy mind, body and life. If you’re starting to explore the world of online piano skills courses and apps, look no further than the Piano Marvel App.

The site and the app focus on using solid teaching methods to develop performing skills for all users. Aaron Garner created the Course in 2008 to make training to play the piano as simple as possible. The Course boasts features amazing motivational features such as a virtual trophy case and an assess mode that helps gamify the experience. Gamification in eLearning has become more popular since it offers a wide range of benefits for students and can help to make the overall eLearning experience not only more fun but more effective too. 

The Course

The lessons are kept brief and focused on evolving and developing your performing skills. It centres on giving you the information you need to start playing the instrument. The entire Course can be broken down into six levels, each containing roughly 30 sections. These sections systematically take you through the journey of learning to play the basics all the way to developing composing your own tunes. We have summarised each level to make it easier to understand the content.

  1. Level 1 — This section is an introduction and an overview. You’ll learn posture and finger numbers, and you’ll also learn about playing dynamics and basic rhythms.
  2. Level 2 — This level introduces more playing positions. You also get to learn about syncopation, accidentals and playing in more time signatures.
  3. Level 3 — This section introduces scales, and you’ll also learn more about intervals, relative majors and minors, 12-bar blues, and more.
  4. Level 4 — This level covers triads, inversions, the circle of fifths, and transposition. You’ll also learn more scales, chords, and musical terms.
  5. Level 5 — In this section, you’ll develop your skills in reading sheet music. It covers additional musical techniques, and you’ll learn to play in some additional keys, too.
  6. Level 6 — You’ll learn about composition in this section, and you’ll also be introduced to baroque, classical, and romantic piano.

Social elements

During these concerning times, a lot of students and parents have picked up learning an instrument as a hobby to relax and unwind. But studying an instrument on your own can be isolating, and the folks at Piano Marvel know this. The Course uses Gamification further by connecting their students to thtough community-based challenges. In order to enter the competitions, all you have to do is create a youtube video of you playing the piano, keeping in mind the theme or requirements of the challenge. These challenges help keep the students motivated and often end up rewarding the winners with amazing prices such as iPods or cash.

Sight Reading

If you are serious about learning to play the piano, then sight-reading can be one of the most crucial skills to master. Sight Reading or Prima vista is the ability to play a piece of music that you’ve never played before by simply reading it off of a page of written music. In contrast, most online courses provide a basic breakdown of the skill. Piano Marvel takes it a step further by assessing your sight-reading abilities and generating progress reports that can highlight exactly where you need to improve yourself.  


We believe that Piano Marvel is hands down one of the best sites out there, providing a holistic and practical approach to learning the beautiful instrument at one of the most reasonable prices in the market.