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Resources for Students During COVID-19

boy working online to learnStudents need help in online learning more than ever because of the pandemic situation of covid-19. You must understand that COVID-19 has created many problems in many industries, and education is one of them.

Online learning is far too different from traditional classrooms. It can be exceedingly difficult for a student to excel in studies if he/she doesn’t have the right resources to help them in this journey.

Many vaccines have indeed been launched recently, and some are still being tested. Still, at the same time, you must know that the virus is mutating and is getting much stronger. According to experts, we have to learn to survive with this virus and should avoid large gatherings. The most common gathering which happens daily is in schools.

In this post, we will talk about some important tools and resources that can help students improve their learning while staying safe at home.

Resources that can help in remote learning!

Here are some of the best online tools that can help a student by aiding in learning:

Virtual Labs

This is one of the best resources for students in the COVID-19 outbreak. This is an online lab solution for college students who are integrated with science courses because COVID-19 medical or other science students cannot indulge in lab practical, which is a big loss. The virtual lab would help a user by stimulating a genuine lab experience by simply staying at home. According to recent stats, more than thousands of schools and faculties have adopted this tool on an institutional level. They have helped many students practice experiments.

Online tutoring

This is an important resource. When you are at home and don’t have access to any physical help to understand difficult concepts, it can be frustrating. Online tutoring tools can help a student a lot in understanding the different concepts and ideas. There are many online tutoring tools like Tutor Me, which can provide 60-minute understandable lectures on different niches and topics. Online tutoring tools can also provide 244/7 help you students who want to prepare for their online exams. Teachers are connecting with these online tools in COVID-19 just for the well-fare of the students. If a student is facing difficulty understanding one teacher, he/she can easily switch to the other for guidance.


SmallSEOTools is an online resource that can offer students tons of resources. The best tools to help students in COVID-19 are the free plagiarism checker and the grammar checker of this utility site, visit source. The free plagiarism checker by Smallseotools is extremely easy to use. This copyright checker offers tons of features that you cannot find in any other league.

This online plagiarism checker’s working procedure is quite simple and understandable, plus you can use it on any device you want because of its universal compatibility. You should know that the free plagiarism checker is important to use. It can check plagiarism in assignments/research papers and essays and help you avoid the accusation of plagiarism, which would be a killer for your reputation.


This is another important resource for students who are stuck in this pandemic. Grammarly is important to use because it can help you improve your writing. Grammarly can create assignments, essays, and papers or be used to practice and polish one’s writing skills. In the COVID-19 pandemic, if you are staying at home, you should practice being a good writer. There are many opportunities related to freelance writing in the digital market. If you are lucky, then you can easily start earning while staying at home along with studying. Grammarly can also teach you how to check plagiarism with its plagiarism tool if you connect with the paid plan.

Learning games

The concept of digital learning is new but not as fresh as the development of learning games. There are tons of games that you can find online and on the play stores which would help you learn new concepts. Most of the learning games help resolve and aid psychological issues. Games like a quest, journey through the lifespan, and others help provide an interesting and engaging learning experience to students. You must know that these virtual games can help students/kids learn the concepts and the ideas from their syllabus.

Affordable mathsolutions

Math is a tough subject and can be difficult to understand, especially for students taking lectures at home because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Many web resources can provide math teaching lessons and solutions, and you must try them out. One of the best online math solution tools belongs to McGraw hill’s math ready. This tool helps kids and adults learn different ideas and mathematical concepts. It can also refresh the user’s skill level.

There are many more resources for students, but for now, you should try these. For more information, stay tuned!