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If you’ve always wanted to learn how to play piano or to perfect your already existing skills but you just can’t find the time for it, don’t worry, here’s the solution! Skoove is a platform that offers you hundreds of interactive online piano lessons you can take from the comfort of your home. All that you need is an instrument (a piano or a keyboard), a computer (iPhone or iPad can also do the work), an internet connection, and, of course, a curious mind eager to master the skill. What is so special about their learning platform is that you can have a unique, personalized, one-to-one support and feedback from one of the teachers.

Skoove offers both theoretical and practical aspects of playing piano, so you’ll be able to read notes, build scales, play your favorite songs or even compose your own pieces! This interactive platform shows you which notes to play, teaches you the optimal techniques of doing it, but it also follows your rhythm and allows you to take your time and learn according to the pace that suits you best. Another thing that may have the stimulating effect on your learning process is the fact that you can choose which song you’ll practice on. The lessons are also divided into small pieces of theoretical information followed by the examples when you can apply them in practice.  The interface detects the keys you played via your speaker and gives you the instant feedback. You can take a particular lesson over and over again until you are certain that you’ve mastered it.

Skoove’s catalog of courses and songs is constantly growing, so you can choose your current level, you can start where you left off, or start all over again. It’s all up to you. The current selection of courses consists of:

  • the Beginner courses where you will learn the basics
  • the Intermediate Courses where you’ll gain new, more advanced skills
  • the Classic Piano course will help you broaden your knowledge and master the classics,
  • the Pop Piano course where you’ll need to improvise a bit
  • the Blues & Boogie Woogie course which will make you get creative with the famous tunes
  • the Chords & Scales that will make you a Chords and Scales expert,
  • the Keyboard for Producers course where you’ll feel how the professionals feel, and
  • the Christmas Course will finally give you the chance to master all of your favorite Christmas carols.

You can also choose between the “Standard” and “Premium” package. With the first one, you get free access to selected lessons from the courses. The Premium version grants you the access to all the lessons and the one-on-one support from the music teachers. The prices of the Premium version vary depending on whether you want a 1-month, 3-month, or 12-month subscription.

Skoove also comes in different languages: English, German, French, Spanish, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Japanese, and Korean. If you want to know more, you can visit the Skoove blog which has a lot of interesting and informative articles on pianos and how to play them. Another way to find out more is to follow Skoove on one of the following social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+). If you like to learn on the go and have Skoove always with you, there is a mobile app available at Apple