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Small Business Franchise Opportunities That Are Good For Your Profit and Cost Margin

Small Business Franchise Opportunities That Are Good For Your Profit and Cost Margin

If you’re on board with franchising, then you are on the right page. There is indeed a good reason why, over the years, franchise businesses are still thriving despite the fierce competition in the industry. For first-time entrepreneurs, app developers, and digital marketers, like yourself perhaps, venturing into franchising is still one of the best ways to get a head start in becoming your very own business owner. Before you continue reading, visit franchiseknowhow first if you’d like to know more about the basics of franchising.

Here are some of the best small business franchise opportunities that promise to earn well and are worth every cost put into its investment:

  1. Digital marketing businesses

Because of rapid advancements in technology, digital marketing businesses are always in demand. More and more industries are getting into digital marketing, as more firms have also seen the importance of being able to establish a great online presence through the benefits of digital projects, for example. However, digital marketing is a very technical field that not everyone can venture into from scratch. If you are an app developer or have great interest in the same, then this is a venture that can be excellent for you.

If you are one of those who desires to own a digital marketing business but doesn’t have enough skills and expertise for the same, you can franchise one instead, especially for app developers. For as long as the Internet continues to stay relevant, you will reap high profits due to the constant demand for digital marketing. Plus, digital marketing businesses are also not as costly to franchise for the very reason that it doesn’t have too much physical location, space, workforce, and inventory needed.

  1. Food kiosk businesses

Food kiosks or food booths continue to thrive and be popular because of their ease of service. These food kiosks operate as fast food chains do, only on a smaller scale when it comes to space and operations. Hence, these food kiosks also cost less to franchise than the usual fast food chains would. Plus, the most significant advantage to it is that you can put up your very own food kiosk franchise almost anywhere for as long as it is allowable.

Food kiosks up for franchise commonly serve any of the following:

  • Donuts, waffles, popcorn, hotdogs, and the like
  • French fries
  • Beverage stands
  • Chillers or coolers such as ice cream
  • Noodles, and other Asian takeaways

To make it more digitally savvy, you can also franchise kiosk businesses that have their own apps, too. For app developers, you should use this technology to your advantage, as having apps in food kiosks make it easier for potential clients to make advanced orders, to see what is available, or to ask for deliveries.

  1. Vending machine businesses

Vending machines are present almost everywhere: schools, malls, offices, amusement parks, and even on the sidewalk. Did you know that these vending machine businesses are franchise opportunities? Yes, they are, and they are also one of the cheapest and easiest small business franchise opportunities to manage. As an app developer, you can even improve your vending machine business by creating an app for the same. Even if you are from afar, you can monitor and control what is coming in and out of your vending business.

Albeit small, the profits of these vending machine businesses continue to increase, as they have a high demand as well. Almost every individual runs to a vending machine when they see one because of the speed and ease of products that they offer. If you own many vending machines in your local area, you can already make a substantial income out of them.

  1. Fast food restaurant chains

Fast food restaurants fall on the more expensive spectrum of franchise opportunity levels. Depending on the kind and type of fast food opportunity that fits your budget, you can go from the smallest fast foods, with small locations, to even bigger and more popular ones. There are also some fast food companies that offer lesser franchise rates for smaller, satellite branches, like Subway.

Although more expensive, fast food restaurants also offer quite promising returns. Almost every fast food is full daily, mainly due to the convenience they offer. More individuals prefer to buy their meals in these food chains where the waiting time is lower than proper sit-down restaurants, where it will sometimes take you half an hour to wait for a meal. For young professionals who are always on the go, stopping by a fast food chain to curb their hunger remains a life-saver for them and their busy day.

The latest trends in fast food restaurants is also to have apps for the same. If the business you are going to franchise doesn’t have an app yet, you can use your skills to your advantage by creating an app for your business. This app makes it more attractive to customers because the ordering process is easier and faster, and delivery services are made more efficient as well.

  1. Printing services businesses

Another small but highly popular and profitable franchise opportunity is in printing services. Ever noticed how printing shops are starting to pop out like rabbits? That is because more and more people need their services. For example, because most of the typing and written work can even be accomplished already on smartphones and other handheld gadgets, it is no longer the case as before that almost every home owns a printer. It is now more convenient to go to a print shop for any of their printing needs.

Other personalized items such as shirts, mugs, business cards, and other things that need printing are always in demand for the whole year. These alone make the printing business a very attractive franchise opportunity. Take for example the printing service Photobooks Worldwide, which now has an app for the ease of their clients to create their photobooks and other printing products.


With this article as your guide, you will no longer feel as confused about deciding which type of franchise business to invest all your hard-earned savings in. The most important thing for you to remember is that no matter what kind of business you invest in as a franchise, the most significant key to your success is still through hard work. As you go about your day-to-day operations, remember your team, your finances, and all the work you put into opening your own branch, which will drive you to succeed.