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Stitcher: How to Create Memorable Courses with Professor Todd Cherner (Podcasted on 04/03/2015)

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CreatingMemorable Lessons 

In creating memorable sessions, Todd uses an “I do,We do, You do” model for his lessons. First, he defines the objective, such as identifying what he wants his students to learn and the reasons for it –Does he want his students to learn something new so they can do it own their own later and moving forward, they can teach to others at some point in the future? – then having identified this goal, he moves on to the “I do” part of the model by basically showing his students how it is done. The “We do” part has a framework of a constructive paragraph response wherein students and teacher engage in a discussion of how the lesson was done. The “You Do” part is where he asks his students to apply what they have learned. It is here in this 3rd phase that the individualism of each student comes out because not all of them will have the same method of application. Sharing each student’s way of applying what he has learned with others becomes a fruitful way of learning more. 

Marketing Your App to Educational Institutions

Todd Cherner advises that to effectively market an app to an educational institution, it is important to correctly identify the person who has the decision making capability in that institution. In other words, make sure you are talking to the right person because no two schools will have the same hierarchy of decision-makers. You must learn the school’s specific protocol to avoid stepping on anyone’s shoes. The app builder must also learn to physically get in front of people and be able to talk about his app, and what he wants to happen. Todd advises to walk through the vendor’s hall and be ready to talk about your app to the relevant people.

Interestingly, Todd mentions a specific social media, Pinterest, as an excellent way to gain the attention of educational institutions. He advises that having a good line in Pinterest, usually one with quality of information stated, succinctly works for students and teachers alike.

What advice would you give to anyone looking to build an app? 

A friend once said “Whatever you can dream of, you can make software do”. So do not let the software limit you. A good technical adviser can help you. Just be as creative as you want to be.

Show Mentions

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