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Top 10 Benefits Of Having Geo-location Feature In Your Mobile Application

Modern customers want everything at their fingertips and this fact has further enhanced the significance of location-based mobile applications for every business. Geo-location technology has paved the way for several innovative startup ideas and enterprises which would never have come into existence in the absence of this advanced feature.

Geolocation has been identified as the back bone for many businesses such as cab based apps like Uber and Ola. Entrepreneurs are taking help of an efficient app development company who can build an ideal location-based mobile application for their business so that to make the lives of the customers much more convenient.

Now, before going further, let’s explore the top ten advantages of having geo-location feature in your mobile apps.

1. Instant Taxi & Cab Booking Online

Customers who book a cab from a certain location to any destination, use the geo-location feature, with or without knowing. This feature tracks the current location of the customer and refer to it as the pickup location. Also, the destination spot is called drop-in location.

The fare generated for a particular ride is also based on the distance covered in accordance with the geo-location. This location tracking feature has made finding and booking taxis online much more simplified than earlier.

2. Seamless Ordering & Delivery Of Food Items

Today, most of the people use their mobile devices to place their food order online. There are numerous food delivery apps that have this geo-location feature which allows users to track the status of food and know how far it has reached. The delivery charges are calculated on the basis of the distance travelled.

Geo-location also help mobile users to find their nearest eating outlets and restaurants with just a single click. It has made it much easier for the users to place their food order online and know the exact location where it has reached.

3. Ease Of Tracking Products Brought via E-commerce Site

This feature is very important for the customers who want to track the exact location of the items they have purchased from e-commerce sites. They can know the details when their item gets shipped and when they would be receiving it.

In this scenario also, the delivery charges are calculated with the help of geo-location only. E-commerce sites having this feature are known to provide the customers with the best shopping experience by giving them a chance to be updated about the exact status of their purchased products.

4. Efficient Venue Recommendation & Navigation Tool

The geo-location feature helps people in finding their places of interest on the basis of the details on the most direct routes and other navigational information provided by the user. Google Maps, Maps for iOS, Waze and many other navigation based systems use this feature to filter and provide the users with the venues of their interest.

Geo-location also provides the users with the reviews of their chosen places of interest. Also, it is the best navigation tool that always tells the traveler the right path to choose while on the road.

5. Powerful Time Based Notifications

Once the person reaches his desired destination, this feature works with Global Positioning System (GPS) and send a push notification to the user stating that he has reached the spot. It is extremely helpful in the case when a person is unaware of the exact location he has to go.

6. Timely Weather Forecasts

The feature of geo-location is especially useful in updating users on the weather conditions by providing them with an instant weather forecast. Two of the most popular weather services providing apps are Yahoo Weather and Weather Underground.

7. Facilitates Smooth Sharing Of Location Details On Social Media Platforms

The geo-location feature enables the users to share their location details on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. It allows businesses to enhance their brand awareness and be accessible to all their friends, contacts, and acquaintance.

8. Real-time Tracking Of Health, Fitness, & Sports Activities

All the health and fitness based applications can be easily integrated with the feature of geo-location and can be used to track sports activities and patterns such as cycling, swimming, and running.

For instance, the Nike+Running app uses GPS that helps users to track their runs and reach the desired fitness goals. This feature has made it possible for Nike+Running users to track where they are, how many miles they’ve covered, and even place all the details on the map so that the users can review it later in accordance with their convenience.

9. Provides The Users With An Exceptional Augmented Reality Experience

It’s not a surprising fact that geo-location has a great impact on augmented reality and gaming applications. Such apps use the device’s camera and with the help of GPS users’ location is identified along with contextual information.

Let’s understand it with the help of a gaming app named Pokémon Go. It is a geo-location based game and became extremely popular. Also, this game was downloaded by millions of people across the globe. This application further enhances the effectiveness of geo-location when a user becomes more localized.

10. Other On-Demand Services

There are many applications that use geo-location feature in order to provide the users with the on-demand services such as home delivery or domestic chore assistance. These applications act as a magic wand for people who wants desired services such as healthcare right at the door.

For instance, Netflix provides the users with the flexibility to watch the shows they like, whenever they desire and for how long they want. This application has transformed every user’s home into a personal cinema where he can watch what they like as and when they feel like.

Apart from letting businesses deliver benefits to their clients at the right time and place, geo-location feature also allows a brand to interact with their customers in a better and efficient manner. An app development company who is an expert in building apps with this feature often assure customers that their information is safe and secure. With such an immense popularity this feature is definitely here to stay for long.