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​Top 5 Apps That Make it Possible to Live Stream Sport Events

Watching TV by Andrea Piacquadio

Apps to watch all sorts of live sports and events allow you to monitor your favorite teams and players on the go – you can do it at home, while you commute on the train or while driving. Some apps come for free – others come with a premium subscription. With all these, they are still cheaper than TV subscriptions. 

Here are some of the best options out there.

Live NetTV

Available on both Android and iOS, Live NetTV is one of the most appreciated apps to watch live stream sports events. You can keep an eye on sports all over the world – more than 700 channels to choose from. Basically, it makes no difference what kind of competition you are into – you will find it there.

You also have a feature to record certain events and watch them later on, when you have a bit of time. Channels from different countries are also available and the most important part is the stream is clear, without buffering issues – assuming you have a decent Internet connection too.

The app allows both standard and high definition videos.

365 Scores

365 Scores gives you access to more types of sports. Whether you like basketball, tennis, football or something else, chances are you will find it there. Plus, it is a good source of entertainment too – sports news, highlights and so on. You will get a notification when fresh content is up.

Furthermore, if you want to keep an eye on the scores, you can highlight games and get notified when the score changes. There is, however, a slight delay between real action and what you see on 365 Scores – about five minutes.

You also have the freedom to twitch modifications in order to ensure you get what you are interested in.

Sony LIV

Sony LIV is famous for its seamless streaming capabilities. No matter what you are watching, chances are the connection will be smooth. You can monitor football, tennis, racing and much more. Despite being great, the app is aimed at the Indian market only, so you will need to use a VPN.

Why is it so popular then? Simple. It works well for all the top championships in Europe, which are the most watched ones. Second, you do not need a subscription to watch your favorite games. Third, you can watch on two screens at the same time, which is a bit of an innovation.

The necessity of a VPN could put some people off though.

La Liga TV

If you think this app is for soccer leagues in Spain only, you are wrong. Indeed, the name does feel like it is aimed at the Spanish soccer market, but this is only a misconception. Apart from soccer, you can watch boxing, motorsports, tennis and so on. Women’s soccer is also covered.

The app keeps you up to date to news and podcasts, as well as live streams. Unable to watch a game, you can watch a video review and some highlights later. Match reports, playlists and a user friendly interface are also part of the benefits.

The app is also available over the web – not just as an app. You can even install La Liga TV on Firestick to watch all your favorite sports events on HD television.

Show Sport TV

Show Sport TV is a priority for many live sports fans because you can watch any game or competition out there, regardless of your location. The app also streams many popular sports channels, such as Fox Sports or WWE Network.

You can chat to other fans or make comments and once you highlight your favorite events, the app will notify you when they are about to start. Feel free to watch live streams in high definition and enjoy the integrated video player.

You do not have to register to watch videos.

In the end, the list can definitely go longer than that and some of the best apps are specialized in particular sports or leagues, but the above mentioned titles will most likely support most people’s needs in terms of live streaming.​ If you want to check out reviews on your favorite apps or new ones that you might want to try, you can do so by visiting the Review Section of our website.