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Top 5 apps which help to improve your grades in universities and schools

Today in the era of electronic gadgets it is hard to imagine a student without a smartphone. And this fact opens a variety of possibilities that can facilitate your college life and to improve your grades. We have gathered the universal educational apps for high school which is useful for everyone regardless the selected specialization. The common goal of all these educational apps for studying is to make a study enjoyable and effective. And this is apparently gained thanks to the planning, awareness and healthy attitude to a rest.

StudyBlue Flashcards

Flashcards are the very effective way to remember information but if you tried to create them all by yourself – you know that it is endless trouble. Why is this app the first on our list of best apps for school?  Because this absolutely gorgeous crowdsourced electronic study library has already collected 400 million flashcards instead of you. You just need to choose the theme and find what is up to date for you. It is classified as one the most popular free educational apps, and it is available for both iOS and Android platforms. But if you need to create your own cards – this option is also possible with StudyBlue. You can use text, audio or video effects for creation of your perfect and unique cards.


This site and an app is one that you cannot ignore. By its focus and content, it is referred not only to learning apps for students but also to educational apps for teachers. It is oriented on giving you the online courses of best quality offered by best professors and teachers from best world’s universities and colleges. The thematic of the presented courses varies from chemistry to art, science, and business. Everyone can find something to its taste. Some of the courses are free, and some of them are paid. The schedule and interface are organized in a very fun and pleasant manner. Using this site or app is a terrific chance to broaden your horizons and to increase your grades in universities. If you still can’t find time for courses because of the immense homework, it will be okay to ask for help on https://essayvikings.com/homework-writing-service and to spend time with pleasure.

Geo walk HD

This application is in actual fact a digital version of the old World Book Encyclopedia, and it is classified simultaneously as a teacher app and a student app for exploring incredible facts about our planet, architecture, countries, and humanities. The articles are divided into three main chapters: Places, Flora and Fauna and Famous Personalities.

While rotating a globe, you can randomly or intentionally choose the interesting sights and read the most important what you should learn about them. It is valuable that you can find exactly the constrained thesis facts to economize your time on searching.  The interface is incredibly handy and nice – all the articles are accompanied by bright illustrations and can be watched in different modes. Geo Walk may become an irreplaceable guide and support to travelers – they never miss the most interesting places of interest.  Geo Walk has more than 500 objects with a description for fun and for personal enrichment.

ABBYY Lingvo Dictionaries

As a linguist, I can assure you that these dictionaries are the most popular for all students of Romano-Germanic group of languages. It contains 11 basic dictionaries on 7 languages: Russian, English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, and Latin. Why should you take huge books with you as you can have all the information you need in one app? It is truly made with a heart and brain; it is the application of the high-quality. Abbyy Lingvo has a plurality of the variants of translations, and some teachers may allow you to use it as a classroom app. Of course, not at the exams! It is cool that the Abbyy Lingvo gives you the translation not only for words but also for steady phrases. The basic dictionaries are free for use, but if you need more specific terminology or adding dictionaries, you can buy them for a paltry sum of money. What is convenient is that these dictionaries work offline.

Recodium on Appstore

Voice recorder is a convenient method to save lectures, especially when you don’t have time to write it down. Every smartphone has a default recorder but when you have plenty voice notes it is becoming hard to deal with them, and this is a mess.  Recodium settles this issue, and it ends our list of best apps for high school students. You can add comments, tags or pictures to a certain part of audios – it helps you easily find them any moment. There is also the possibility to synchronize the app’s data with a Dropbox or other cloud services which is useful to be able to open these files on your computer or to share them with your mates.

Smartphone applications, as well as the other gadgets, are not a panacea for improving your grades in schools and they, of course, can’t replace your knowledge, efforts, and skills. At the same time with an intelligent choice of soft, it may become a very effective and easy accomplishment of many routine tasks.