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Top 6 Most Fun Apps For Students In 2019

Apps are designed to make learning easier. However, learning should also be fun other than a mechanical search for answers. Apps provide homework assistance, but other developers have made learning fun.

A fun learning environment makes ideas easier to understand. Fun learning sessions are memorable when you get to the exam room or test. It will make time for learning worthwhile. Fun learning apps are especially important to kids. It allows them to understand the concepts being taught. If learning is fun, students will spend more time doing revision. This raises their understanding of the concepts being taught. Here are 6 top apps for students that will make learning fun.

  1. Curious World

The app targets students between two and seven years. The app features hundreds of books, videos, and games that will help students to grow interested in learning and also boost their self-confidence. The app comes with a tag-line called Play Learn Grow, suggesting that students will find learning fun.

The materials on the app allow students to sit back and watch some of the most amazing videos on different topics in education. It also suggests field activities that will require the learner to fold his or her sleeves and get dirty. It is a great source of creative ideas that will enable learning in a fun atmosphere.

  1. Reading Eggs

The target for this app is specifically designed to teach students how to read. It teaches students how to read by using guided lessons, reading games, and fun activities. The student will also get access to more than 2,000 children’s books to read.

The target users for Reading Eggs are children of 2-13 years. The app has covered five essential elements of learning, which are vocabulary, comprehension, phonemic awareness, phonics, and fluency. The app is loved because of providing a report that helps students to improve on the areas of difficulty.

  1. Evernote

Evernote is more of a productivity than a learning tool. However, it is the manner in which these notes are stored that makes learning. You can store thoughts, text notes, videos, and audio files, among other types of files. The ability to manage your files means that your learning experience is less stressing. An organized learning session will be fun and productive.

  1. Endless Numbers

Technology has made learning mathematics easier through the provision of such apps as Endless Numbers. The app is designed for students who need an introduction to the basic concepts in math, including counting, addition, and order. It targets pre-schoolers and kindergarten children. It is designed to be fun and will introduce your child to counting between 1 and 100. This is a stress-free introduction to mathematics. The features include animation that will add a dose of fun. Since there are no quizzes to answer, the kids will enjoy studying with Endless Numbers.

  1. Mazaam

The Musical Genius, as the app is called, provides students with animated content that makes music easier to learn. It has different levels of learning where the child graduates to affirm his or her skills. The app allows the parents to walk with the students through the learning process. The engaging nature of the app and collaboration with teachers and parents provides the most collaborative learning.

  1. PicoToONs, Coloring Book

Coloring is one of the creative processes of learning. It is enjoyable as well as calming to participants. The app has transferred the physical coloring to an electronic platform to digitize learning fully. You will choose from multiple themes, including animals, friends, robots, creatures, and occupation, among others.

Learning is fun once you have the right app. When learning is fun, your performance will be high, and career prospects are higher. The best apps are those that capture detailed content and simplify learning without losing the need to understand the concept.