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Top Art Apps for Drawing Tablets

An artist makes use of an app to create digital drawings. But with so many choices of art apps out there, it is difficult to pick the most suitable one. Therefore, we have made a list of the best ones among them. Here are they:

Zen Brush 2

Zen Brush 2 provides you with a smooth drawing experience with its new drawing engine. The app gives you the feeling of using East Asian ink brush. Intuitive user experience is the prime focus of this app. The changes strokes are done by the use of finger, which provides the sensation of a real ink brush. The Zen Brush 2 gives you 92 background style templates and provides the ability to draw using simulated finger pressure. The app works on iPad Pro supports Apple Pencil and 3D touch.


Graphic is a vector-based drawing and illustration app. The powerful tools in this app are easy to use for anything from a simple sketch to detailed vector drawing. The app is specially optimized for iPad Pro and Apple Pencil, where the app automatically detects brush strokes of different sizes. The individual brush strokes also can be edited later along with the full path. The app provides with the ability to work in layers. Graphic works on OpenGL to provide a faster drawing, editing, and importing experience.


Pixaki is for those artists who want to create pixel art. The app allows you to import images in the reference layers with which you can create pixel art. Another noteworthy feature of this app is that with it you can turn your drawings into animation. For doing so, there are powerful tools such as per-frame duration, onion skinning, and more. The files can be imported and exported in Photoshop format also. The eraser tool and the pixel brush in this app can be adjusted from 1px to 20px.

Infinite Painter

Infinite Painter is a mobile app for iOS and Android. This app has around 200 brushes for multiple uses of an artist. The brushes in this app provide a realistic look when applied, and colors are mixed with the underlying color on the canvas. There are more than 60 brush settings for a user to create custom brushes. The app supports the use of Apple Pencil with pressure sensitivity and tilt support. The powerful toolbox contains Selection and Transform tools along with gradient and pattern fills, among other tools.


ArtRage contains tools which can be used to mix oil colors, sketch with pencils, create watercolor strokes, and more. Such tools can be used by artists to create stunning paintings and illustrations. In this app, you can use the photos for reference while creating art. The also provides the ability to work in layers and has various blend modes for artists. This app can be used by anyone from amateurs to professionals as there is a wide range of tools available for them.


Concept app provides you with the flexibility to draw the big ideas you have. The app works on a powerful hybrid vector raster Fluid Engine, which provides a canvas which is not limited by size. There are also many paper types for the canvas and a toolbar which allows customization of brushes and presets. The app is built for 120hz displays and is compatible with Apple Pencil and Surface Pen. The flexible app lets you rework on any previous tool where you can copy, measure, change, or edit it. With Concepts, you can doodle, sketch plans, take notes, draw storyboards, and do much more. There are unlimited layers, drag and drop ability, personal vector library, and more amazing features in this app.

Authored by Rohit Gupta