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Utilize Your Business Phone From Any Mobile Device With the Weave App

The effective running of a business in this modern age requires fluid communication between management, employees, and clients. A large number of businesses fail to compete with other well-performing enterprises due to the fact that they still use dated communication systems, which often leads to a breakdown in the relay of information within the business.

Making calls is the fastest and most commonly used means of communication in business. Having an archaic telephone system in this age of cutting edge technology just won’t cut it because of all of the drawbacks that come with it. Touchtone telephones have become more of a burden than an asset in today’s fast-paced world, where information can be at a user’s fingertips in a matter of seconds.

First, the old phone systems are cumbersome to the caller because they cannot store phone numbers. This means the caller has to have a list of phone numbers printed out in order to make phone calls. Dialing in the numbers consumes valuable time, and can also lead to errors in dialing the number.

This dated phone system, also, leads to inconveniencing the client. This is so, since, in some cases, the client is put on hold for a long time while the employee traces records pertaining to the client. At times the customer’s information may not surface at all. This wastes time and leads to a less than satisfactory customer experience which is bad for business.

Migrating to a smartphone system will enable your business to compete effectively with other organizations in your sector. This is because of all the communication capabilities that these devices are endowed with. Smartphones are able to make calls, dispatch and receive emails, send texts to clients, amend documents and perform a multitude of other tasks.

The thing that makes smartphones capable of all these tasks is the software installed on the devices. Software is essential, and having the best kind will make your smartphone system experience more rewarding.

Weave is a top tier smartphone system software which assures efficient management of phone systems in your business place. It gives employees access to clients information in record time and allows multi-department access to clients information, thus, creating streamlined service delivery. Weave’s phone system turns your old phone system to a smartphone system that gives you an assortment of functionality to better manage communication in your business. Some of the services that Weave offers include:

  • Limitless Calls
  • Tracking of Calls
  • Directories
  • Upload of On Hold Music/Marketing Messages
  • Limitless Long Distance Calls
  • Paging

Weave also provides your business with more useful functionality than just making phone calls. A number of these are:

1. Scheduling

With Weave’s scheduling app, you have the freedom to access clients information anywhere you are and at any time of the day. It allows you to view the next day’s appointments before you get to work so that you are ready to take on the day with a lot more confidence and order. The application can be downloaded onto your phone from the App Store or Google Play Store. You can then synchronize it with your the Weave Software and you will have your schedule right at your fingertips.

2. Reports

Weave gathers data on calls for the day, week or month. You are able to get details like call volumes, missed calls, and call tracking. This will enable you to understand call traffic and where it originates from. This lets you come up with a strategy for handling all the calls that come in. Studying these reports aids in better decision making in the office space, which leads to better productivity.

3. Reminders

Clients will never miss appointments with Weave’s Reminders feature. This function of the software allows you to send text messages to clients, reminding them of previously scheduled appointments. The Reminders feature allows you to customize when the message will be sent to the client, edit the message template, select who the reminder is sent to and enables the creation of as many distinct templates as possible. The mass-messaging function of this feature saves time and ensures effectiveness.

The old telephone system served businesses well in its prime but there are newer and better ways to operate a phone system, in today’s competition driven business world. For a business to grow it must evolve with the technological advances being made, or risk extinction. With Weave, businesses are assured to have the best smartphone management system. So take the initiative to migrate to a smartphone system with Weave as your trusted management software