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Why Screen Recording is Gaining Popularity

Over the last year or so it seems as though the popularity of screen recording has surged. That may come as a surprise, especially seeing as screen recording is not new and has in fact been around for well over a decade.

The increase in the popularity of screen recording may be based on several factors however, that just so happen to coincide.

Built-in Screen Capture Tools

Up until fairly recently there were very few built-in screen capture tools. That meant that to use screen recording you would first have to find a software, install it, and then learn how to use it.

That has changed, and nowadays more and more platforms have built-in screen capture tools of their own that enable screen recording. In the span of just over a year Apple has added a screen recording feature to iOS 11 and macOS Mojave, and Microsoft has a screen recording tool (of sorts) in Windows 10.

The same applies to other platforms, especially consoles – most of which have screen recording capabilities built-in. Overall this had made accessing screen recording more convenient than ever and contributed to its popularity.

User-Friendly Software

Another factor to consider is the simple fact that the current generation of screen recording software is far more user-friendly than previous generations.

Improvements to the user interface, controls, and features of screen recorders have made them far more accessible to average users. Some screen recording software are so user-friendly that their learning curve is practically non-existent, for example Movavi Screen Recorder Studio.

In short it is no longer as daunting to use screen recorders, and you won’t need any technical knowledge or experience with video capture. To be honest in some regards nowadays it is easier to use screen recording than it is to record conventional videos.

More Content to Record

Alongside the greater access and increased user-friendliness of screen recording there is the fact that people have become more aware of its potential to record various types of content.

Nowadays screen recording is being used more often than not as a tool to save content ranging from online streaming videos to livestreams, video calls, or ephemeral content. The fact that live videos and ephemeral content on social media are so popular has added to the appeal of being able to save such content using screen recording.

Unfortunately this is part of the problem with the current popularity of screen recording, as it has given rise to privacy and copyright concerns. Although app developers have taken steps to address it, the fact of the matter is that there is no real way to completely stop a screen recorder from capturing videos.

Final Words

In the next few years it is likely that screen recording will continue to grow in popularity, and may even start to be as ubiquitously used as screenshots are. Although its main surge in popularity is due to its role to save content however, it still remains a popular tool to create content involving any digital product.

While additional measures may be taken to stem privacy and copyright issues, overall it isn’t likely to impact the popularity of screen recording. If anything as more and more platforms add built-in screen recorders that are user-friendly – it is likely such issues will become more prevalent.

All said and done all of the factors described above are likely to have contributed to the current popularity of screen recording, and will probably continue to do so. It may be a surprise – but it is high time screen recording came into its own as it finally seems to have done.