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Why using an online video editor is faster than Premiere Pro & Final Cut Pro

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For many content creators, video editing is one of the most expensive and time-consuming parts of the video creation process. Not only do video editing programs like Adobe Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro have a steep learning curve, licences are also extremely costly.

For example, Final Cut Pro sells for an eye-watering $299.99 while Adobe offers Premiere Pro on a subscription model for $20.99 monthly. Even free video editing software like DaVinci Resolve and Hitfilm Express are challenging to learn and can be taxing on your system.

However, the most significant expense by far is the hardware costs. These video editing programs require powerful computers with dedicated graphics cards for GPU acceleration. On slower machines, the video editing experience will be sluggish and render times will be excessive. If you’ve got an underpowered laptop, renders might even fail if you run out of system memory.

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That’s where online video editors come in. Historically, these have been unsuitable for large projects. However, with advancements in web technology, services like Flixier provide powerful and feature-rich video-editor entirely through your web browser

By far, Flixier is the best online video editor. It allows you to easily edit videos online for free.

Here’s how online services like Flixier are faster than clunky local video editors.

Flixier is not limited by your computer hardware

When using the online video editor, your session is not powered by your own computer and instead uses the hardware of Flixier’s powerful data center. These servers use enterprise-grade processors and graphics cards, allowing you to edit and render your videos smoothly without spending any money on a computer upgrade.

As long as you’ve got a decent internet connection, you’ll be able to enjoy a smooth editing experience. This will even work on slow, underpowered systems like an old laptop or desktop computer. Therefore, online video editors like Flixier are a perfect way to kick-start a content creator’s career without the need to invest in a new computer. 

Once you’re finished editing your new masterpiece and you’re ready to render the video, the online video editor will not use your computer hardware for encoding your output video. This will significantly reduce the strain your system as encoding video can be incredibly taxing on your hardware, especially on underpowered machines. Flixier will, therefore, reduce your system’s wear and tear, saving your computer from overheating issues or component failure.

Render times are much faster

Flixier uses a unique rendering technique to speed up video encoding. Anyone who’s ever tried to export a large project using editors like Adobe Premiere Pro will know that renders can take hours to complete. On older hardware, video rendering will slow your computer down enough that you can’t do other things while you wait.

Using this online video editor allows for renders of hour-long videos to be completed in as little as three minutes! As your hardware is not being used for the render, you can still use your system for other tasks while you wait without worrying about slowdowns.

Less of a learning curve

Flixier is designed to be easy to use and benefits from a shallow learning curve. The interface is intuitive and straightforward, and Flixier offers excellent tutorials to get you started. 

You can use preset templates to speed up the editing process, and it’s never been easier to add text and subtitles to videos. This online video editor entirely eliminates the need to hire a professional video editor, and it’s super simple to get great-looking content yourself directly from your browser.

Easily add transitions and motion titles

Flixier allows you to insert attractive titles and transitions that would otherwise be difficult and time-consuming to create yourself in other editing programs. You can easily browse Flixier’s library of over 100 professional-looking motion titles and add them to your video in a few clicks. They are fully customisable, allowing you to tweak the effects and transitions to find the perfect intro for your project.

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There is also a collection of over 50 exciting transitions to choose from. Simply drag and drop them onto the timeline to make your videos stand out to viewers.


Get started today with Flixier with little or no video editing experience. In as little as a few minutes, you’ll be on your way to creating professional and engaging videos for your audience or business. Head on over to https://flixier.com/create/online-video-editor to get started to edit videos online for free, or for as little as $10 a month for the creator plan.